What is QLED (Quantum Light Emitting Diode)

QLED stands for ‘Quantum Light-Emitting Diode’. In simple, it means a QLED TV is just like a regular LED TV, except that it uses tiny nano particles called quantum dots to super-charge its brightness and color.

Three layers of QLED Technology (Image Courtesy: digitaltrends)

Explanation of QLED

 QLED is a name that can be applied to any quantum dot television. QLED have been used to refer to self emissive technology and certainly a company called QD Vision has trademarked that name for self DSF an emissive quantum dot technology.

However probably last year or two years ago Samsung made the decision to acquire a QD vision and therefore acquire the trademark so now QLED can be used by Samsung for any kind of purpose and what Samsung wants to do is to apply QLED to refer to any content or television regardless of whether it’s self emissive or its transmissive like any traditional LED or LCD TV.

Now from Samsung point of view what they are saying that the QLED Television is going to improve black levels and viewing angles.primarily which are to Achilles heel of LCD. Samsung is confident that QLED technology is going to superior to any other quantum dot technology out there because they have a head start if acquire QD Vision .

They are introducing a metal substance mainly alluminium to coat the quantum dot material to give it more stability. They believed that QLED material can improve the black level and also the viewing angles.

QLED is an improving backlight technology so with LED and LCD TV’s. We have know that backlight is the pure white light that gets shine through but white light isn’t just red green and blue, white light is red, green, blue , some yellows, some purples and some other colors that needs to be filtered before it goes through as those RGB pixels. And that filtering will take away a little bit of light, a little bit of vividness what Quantum dot backlighting promises is to no need of filtering so it will shine pure red green and blue light through and it will appear to be pure white but it won’t require any filtering that an LED or LCD backlight does and that will make little bit brighter image and a much more efficient picture.

What are the features of QLED?

  • QLED has full form Quantum dots Light Emitting Diode.
  • Quantum dots emit color light based on the energy gap of the materials used in them and their size. The larger their dimension is, the greater will be the wavelength of the emitted light.
  • QLEDs are made of quantum dots which are tiny semiconductor crystals whose sizes range from 2 nm to 10 nm.
  • QLEDs do not produce light on their own. Rather QLEDs use backlight units for illumination. This light, which is emitted, is passed through the series of plates from the backlight, which eventually creates an image.
  • Different semiconductor combinations are used in the manufacturing of quantum dots in which CdSe, CdS, PbSe, PbS, InAs, InP, etc. are prominent.
  • The six layers that are used to create the color image are backlight panel, reflector, polarizing filter, TFT array, color filter glass, quantum dots color filter and polarizing filter.

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