What is GARUD Portal


Full Form

The full form of GARUD is ‘Government Authorization for Relief Using Drones’.


The Ministry of Civil Aviation has launched the GARUD portal in collaboration with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The GARUD portal will assist state entities in obtaining permission from the central government to operate drones for the purposes of corona virus. This portal is important as many state bodies are deploying drones to disinfect public spaces. In particular, drones are being used to spray disinfectants in smart cities, roads and other public places.

How it works

It will also help solve the challenges posed by the corona virus and remain in force until further orders. The Ministry of Civil Aviation has said in a tweet that permission will be revoked and legal action will be taken for violation of provisions under the GARUD portal. Drones are being used to spray disinfectants in smart cities, roads and other public places.

The Ministry has tweeted and congratulated DGCA, NIC, and the Airport Authority of India for constructing and commissioning the GARUD portal in just three days.

Manufacturer of DRONES

Garud Aerospace, a drone startup company in Chennai, has recently manufactured drones to spray disinfectants. The drone is capable of spraying disinfectants in public places as well as tall buildings. Named ‘Corona-Killer’, these drones can be used to spray disinfectants on buildings up to 450 feet.

Many states of the country are using such unmanned drones to spray disinfectants. Such drones are easy to operate and quite fast. By using them, cleaning workers can also be protected from corona infection.

Which place it has been used

Drones are being used extensively in Chandigarh and Banaras for spraying disinfectants. Such drones can spray 15-20 litres of disinfectant at one time and cover an area of ​​8-10 kilometers.

At a time when the state of the Indian economy is deteriorating rapidly due to COVID-19 and lock-down, it is necessary to maintain such startups. These startups will not only help fight the virus, but will also help revive the economy.

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