“Sittong” a beautiful place in North Bengal

The pleasure of going to a cold place during winter is absolutely different. So,today I am going to tell you about a place where you will get orange as soon as you will raise your hand additionally you will get to see free Kanchenjunga from this place. Let’s start the article about the place in North Bengal which is Sittong.

Sittong is known for its oranges. Row upon row of orange trees on either side of the beautiful village road. But, fruit planting is far away, even it is forbidden to touch the tree. As a result, we have to fill our mind to see their beauty from a distance.

Division of Sittong

Sittong is divided into two parts: Upper Sittong and Lower Sittong. Kanchanjangha can be seen very clearly from the Upper Sittong.

You will get Home-stay for staying in the Upper Sittong. Everything would have appeared before the end of the word of mouth. And food! Ah! A pair of serving matches with a smile on their face. Food was served on a bronze bowl.

The night temperature dropped below 8 degrees. But even on that extreme cold night we were greeted by a group of twinkling stars in the sky. You can’t imagine how beautiful it was.

If the attraction of Upper Sittong is “Kanchenjunga“, then the attraction of Lower Sittong is “Riang River“. That is what the locals said.

Some major attraction

The Riang River flows through the middle of a small town surrounded by mountains. If you wish, you can cross this river on foot. The lonely beautiful bridge over the river sees the beauty of nature every day. Sometimes a tourist like us falls on her body.

From here you can trek to Lepcha Falls. But if you do not want to trek, then you can go and see the Rabindranath Tagore’s house in Mongpu. That place was also an awesome place to visit.You will also see Namthing Lake too.

Surrounded by pine forests, Namthing Lake has absolutely no water at this time. It is known that this lake is completely dry except in the rainy season.

Not far from the lake is the Ahaldhara, where locals from the crowd gather to watch the sunrise from the Shelpu Hills. Really it was an awesome view to see the sunrise from this hill. This place was even fascinated by the small hills around us and their beauty.

A visit to a forest

From there to Latpencher Forest, the winding extraordinary jungle path. It is forbidden to speak loudly here, even if the mobile is not switched off, it has to be kept in silent mode. The appearance of the forest in the late afternoon looked quite mysterious. You can enter the forest on a narrow footpath by buying a ticket. However, no one dared to go far. How evening come fastly in jungle you can never know!!

From Sitting to Latpencher — the whole two-day journey was awesome in nature and bone-chilling cold weather. Wherever we have met the simple children of the mountains, they have shaken hands with smiles. This simplicity is their own resource, which we cannot master even if we try.

On returning, the home-stay owner treated each guest with a scarf. He just say good bye with sweet smile, hands clasped, simplicity and definitely with faith. They don’t know how to show off. But their minds are big.

How to reach

You could reach Sittong from NJP by two and half hour car journey. You will get rented cars standing outside NJP Railway station.

Where to stay

There are not many homestay in Sittong. Few details are as follows.

  1. Heritage Home Stay, Mobile Number: +91 89673 53238
  2. Sittong Home Stay, Mobile Number: +91 8918163690
  3. Ctong Home Stay, Mobile Number: +91 96478 24055
  4. Pujan Home Stay Sittong, Mobile Number: +91 97330 71716

You will need to book in advance. Just call the number and booked it.

Some Important Information

  1. Ideal time for visiting Sittong is to travel all year round except the rainy season. However, in December-January, trees are full of oranges.
  2. There is a home-stay to stay here. The service is pretty good everywhere. However, generators may not be available everywhere. Incidentally, there is a lot of electricity problem in this region.
  3. Mobile towers do not work all the time
  4. Necessary medicines, torches, umbrellas must be taken.
  5. Eating will not be a special problem. However, you should not expect a variety of dishes like hotels.
  6. Accommodation here is usually calculated as per head and on daily basis.

By reading this article you must be thinking of this place. So, why late please start planning to visit this place. You will really loved it.

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