Nissan Magnite: The upcoming Cheap SUV

Nissan is launching its upcoming cheap price car in the section of SUV which is named as “Magnite”. The company will also include connectivity features in Nissan Magnite. Apart from this, it will be offered in the market with both natural aspirated and turbocharged engine options. Its natural aspirated engine has been used by the company in the Renault Triber.

Nissan Magnite: Cheapest SUV

Demand for compact SUV segment vehicles is increasing rapidly in the Indian market. Now Japanese automaker Nissan is preparing to launch the new SUV Nissan Magnite in the market. According to the information, the codename of this SUV is EM 2 and it will be launched for sale in the market soon. Its size will be less than 4 meters and in the market this SUV will directly compete with Hyundai Venue.

Expected Price

Yes this is the thing you want to heard, the expected price for this car is approximately just 5.25 lakhs. According to Autocar’s social media post, the price of this SUV can be just Rs 5.25 lakh. In this sense, it is one of the lowest priced SUVs of its segment. Earlier this SUV was planned to be launched under the Datsun brand, but now it will be launched through Nissan itself


In the new Nissan Magnite, the company will incorporate some state-of-the-art features. It has a new design touchscreen infotainment system which can be connected to Android Auto and Apple Car Play. Apart from this, features like factory fitted sunroof, 360-degree camera,automatic AC has been given. Apart from this, connectivity features can also be included.


The company uses a 3-cylinder petrol engine of 1.0 liter capacity in Nissan Magnite. The company will offer it in the market with both natural aspirated and turbocharged engine options. Its natural aspirated engine is used by the company in the Renault Triber, which generates 71bhp of power and 96Nm of torque. It includes 5 speed manual and automatic gearbox.

Hope this SUV is going to rule in the road soon. This car has really a boost in this price range with lots of features.

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