Infinix Hot 10 Review: One of the best Smartphone inside Rs 10,000


Infinix Hot 10 is going to be the best smartphone under Rs 10,000 with lots of features and specifications. So, in this blog I will be going to share the Infinix Hot 10 Review

Infinix Hot 10 : Decision

If you are looking for a very good smartphone within the price range of Rs 10000, then obviously Infinix Hot 10 smartphone has a lot in itself for you. This mobile phone is getting a quad-camera setup, huge battery and Helio G70 processor at a price of Rs 9,499 for the 4GB RAM variant and 6GB RAM for Rs 10,999 , which makes it powerful. Although not only that, you are getting all that in it, which makes it a great performer, you can also do heavy gaming in this device. In terms of photography, this mobile phone is good, although it has some drawbacks but considering the price range, they can be easily ignored.

Infinix Hot 10: Detailed Review

Recently, Infinix has launched a new mobile phone in its Hot Series as Infinix Hot 10 in the Indian market, although before, this mobile phone was launched in the Pakistan market. This mobile phone comes at a price of only Rs 9,499, and in this you are getting something that is not easy to get at this price. If you are looking for a very good smartphone within the price of Rs 10000, then obviously Infinix Hot 10 smartphone has a lot in itself for you. This mobile phone is getting a quad-camera setup, large battery and Helio G70 processor at a price of Rs 9,499, which makes it powerful. Apart from this, you are getting something in it, we have spent some time with this mobile phone i.e Infinix Hot 10, some can not say that we have spent a lot of time with it, and in the meantime I have found that this mobile phone packed with a great design, besides its colors give it a new appeal, this mobile phone can be purchased in four different color options.

Infinix Hot 10 can be taken in Ocean Wave, Moonlight Z, Amber Red and Obsidian Black colors. This mobile phone has been chosen for sale on Flipkart, recently this mobile phone was also brought for sale on Flipkart. I have told you that it is very good in terms of mobile phone design, besides its color adds four moons to it. Apart from this, its camera module values ​​at its back gives it a new life.

Like I have told you that I have spent too much time with this mobile phone, it is also because I have used this mobile phone as my personal phone. The company has introduced 6GB RAM and 128GB storage model in India, the price is Rs 10,999. However, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage model of this mobile phone was also introduced in Pakistan.

After spending time with this mobile phone ie Infinix Hot 10, let us know what we think for this mobile phone. Actually, I have nothing wrong with this mobile phone, or not negative. But even after this, I have noticed some shortcomings. Although we are going to talk about them in the middle too, but at the moment we start with the design of Infinix Hot 10.

Infinix Hot 10: Design

I took this mobile phone out of the box the day I received it, and with the SIM I started using this mobile phone from the same day, as you all know that I love gaming so I started playing heavy games. I have done the same with it. Although here we are not going to talk about gaming etc., there is some time for that but now we are going to talk about the design of Infinix Hot 10, so let’s start.

I have reviewed a lot of budget mobile phones throughout my career reviewing gadgets, quite a few features I have liked in many phones but there are some features that I do not like at all. Although most budget devices look similar but only a few changes separate them from each other. The company also tries to make its phone look different with a few minor changes.

Let me tell you that I am particularly impressed by the design of Honor smartphones, and I can see the impression of these phones on many budget phones somewhere.

If I talk about Infinix Hot 10 mobile phone, I want to start from the back of it, I am very happy to see the camera module of this mobile phone. Because at first you are getting a quad-camera setup at such a low price i.e. just Rs 9,499, besides it is also a big thing to place the camera module in the right place on the back. In terms of design, it seems to be a premium device, you are going to get the feel of a Samsung mobile phone. However, when you take it in hand, you will know by feeling the plastic that it is a budget mobile phone. In this mobile phone, you are getting a plastic unibody design. You will also get to see the fingerprint sensor near the camera. Apart from this, you get a flow texture design in the Infinix Hot 10 mobile phone, which makes it even more attractive with a glossy finish. The device I have is of Obsidian Black Color. Although the rectangular camera is giving it a different feel, in addition to the color, it is appealing to it.

You get a micro-USB port at the bottom of the phone, along with this you will also get to see a headphone jack, this is a 3.5mm audio jack. Here you are getting to see the speaker grills present in it as well. The top of the phone has been kept like this, here you are not getting anything.If we talk about the physical buttons of Infinix Hot 10, then let us tell you that like all Android budget phones, it also has a volume rocker and power button on the right side, besides the SIM tray in the phone on the left side. Overall, I see a lot of potential in this mobile phone, this mobile phone has a descent design appeal. Although there is a big drawback of having a plastic body, but where does one get to see metal in this lower price.

Infinix Hot 10: Display Quality

If I talk about the display, then let me tell you that in this mobile phone you are getting a big display, which is ideal for watching videos etc. apart from gaming and movies, but if you are using it with both hands, then it is right you can operate it well, but if you want one-handed operation through this mobile phone, then let me tell you that I have found it very difficult to use it. Although if your hands are big, then you tell me that you can easily use it with one hand, but due to my hands being small, I have found its display quite large.

In this mobile phone you are getting a 6.78-inch display, on which you are getting a punch-hole cutout, which is left for the front camera on the screen. You are also getting a lot of thin bezels on the screen of this mobile phone, due to which its display looks even bigger. This is an HD display. It looks bright to me but you may have some problems with the sun’s bright light. You are getting 480 nits brightness in this mobile phone, which can be said to give it a great viewing experience. Overall, its display is also good, but if you bring it in direct sun light, then you will automatically know how much this display is supporting you. However, at this price, this display can be called good.

Camera Performance

Like I have told you that I was very impressed by the camera module of this mobile phone, I was also wondering here whether this placement is good, does this mobile phone also work well , Or it is just put in this mobile phone to improve the design? Many such questions were in my mind. Before we talk about the camera, let us tell you that in this mobile phone you are getting a 16MP AI quad-camera setup on the rear panel, in this mobile phone you are getting a 16MP primary lens, With this, you are getting a 2MP depth sensor in this module, in addition to this you also have a 2MP macro lens, although a low light sensor is also placed in the phone as a camera or lens, in addition to this, you can also see a quad LED flash here. It also helps you in low light.

Although the camera is good but many improvements could be made in it, but here let us tell you that through the macro lens of this mobile phone you can insert good details from a short distance, which gives a new look to the image, As we know that every lens in the camera has its own different role, now if you want to take a portrait photo, then let us tell you that the 2MP depth sensor helps you in this very well. You can also draw portraits through this mobile phone, now you can guess that if you get so much for a low price then it will be like a mobile phone.

Nowadays we have seen that people are very happy to take the photo of their choice in low light, that is why keeping this in mind nowadays, we have started getting night mode in the camera of smartphones. In this mobile phone too, you are getting Super Night Mode, which gives you a lot in less light. That is, it helps you take a photo of your choice, we were not even thinking about a better camera at this price, I was just thinking what the camera would be like. But its camera has not disappointed me in a big way. It can not be said much better, it is also because when you find photos taken from phones like Huawei, Google, Apple around you more extensively, then you get the same result from any mobile phone camera. However, budget mobile phones are equipped with cameras according to their price. In this mobile phone you are also getting an 8MP selfie camera, which is going to be seen on its hole-punch cutout, it can be easily seen on the left side of the phone. I have noted one thing of Infinix that the company has chosen some similar wallpapers to make this camera look better, which does not allow the camera to be completely on display, every wallpaper camera support comes with it.

Infinix Hot 10: Performance

My phone had already started talking about gaming etc. Actually, I start reviewing any phone from gaming. In this mobile phone you are getting MediaTek Helio G70 processor with 4GB/6GB of RAM, which does not let you feel any kind of problem in gaming, this mobile phone can also be called a gaming phone, that is, you can go through it. Due to the large screen, it becomes ideal, although it is also suitable for movies and videos, and during all this this mobile phone does not look anywhere. However after some time you are going to feel this mobile phone heating up. 64GB/128GB of storage is also available in the phone.

As I have already told you that I have spent a lot of time with this phone, there was a personal reason that I was very fond of it or in terms of design. That is why you are seeing its review on my blog. During my review of this mobile phone, I have used it as my personal phone, so you can understand what this mobile phone will be like and what I would not have done on it. Browsing, Gaming, Messaging, Calling, Music, Video and I don’t know what! To say this mobile phone in the language of Bengali is “Ghete Gho Kore Diechi”. After this I can say that it is a great performer. I have nothing to say next to this.


The Infinix Hot 10 mobile phone has a 5200mAh capacity battery, which you are getting with 18W charging support, in this mobile phone you also get ultra-energy saving mode. Through this the battery consumption is reduced slightly, although you will not want to use it or it was not even needed, but we will always welcome any new technology in any smartphone.

If I say in easy words, then let me tell you that its battery can take out your day comfortably. Although it takes some time for this battery to charge, you have to give some time for it, if you want to charge it from 0 to 100 percent, it has taken me about two to two and a half hours to do this. Overall, in this price you cannot expect more.

Pros & Cons


  • Great Design
  • Low Price
  • Best for Gaming and Videos


  • Unavailability of Type C port
  • Plastic Body
  • Lack of One handed Use

Overall this product is very much value for money. You can buy it surely without any hesitation.

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Hope this article will definitely be the best for in depth reviewing for Infinix Hot 10 SmartPhone.

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