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Facebook Messenger Kids app launched in India now parents will be able to keep an eye on children’s account.

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Facebook Messenger Kids Account

Facebook launched Facebook Messenger Kids app for children. Parents will get more control of this feature. This app has been launched over 70 countries including India. Many new features have been given in this app, such as parents will get more parental control of the children’s account.

What is Messenger Kids?

Talking about Kids Messenger, it is a video chat and messaging app. With the help of this app, children will be able to stay connected with their friends and family. Using this app, children will also be able to stay connected with their friends, that too under the supervision of parents.

There are many features for children in Messenger Kids. After the parents create an account for the children, the children will also be able to do one-on-one or group video chat. Children can also send photos, videos and text messages to friends approved by parents.

This means that parents will be able to make sure whom to add and not to the children’s friend list. Parents will be able to control the children’s account through the Messenger Kids parent dashboard.

How to set up Messenger Kids account


Parents in India can download this app for their children from the iPad, iPod touch or iPhone app from the App Store and Google Play Store.


Authenticate your child’s device with your Facebook username and password. By doing this neither your child will create a separate Facebook account nor will they get access to your Facebook account.

Create Account

After creating your child’s account, you can use their name and any additional features in the opt-in. After doing this the setup process will be completed.

Add Contacts

To add people to your child’s contact list, go to the Messenger Kids parent dashboard panel in your Facebook app. Right here in your Facebook app, click More on the bottom and then click on Messenger Kids in the Explore section. Then from here you can add contact list and then your children are ready to chat with anyone in the contact list they want.

These are the process you have to follow to create the messenger app.

Hope this article provides you the detailed information about what this app is and what are the steps to download it and how to use it.

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