5 Methods/Way to Remove Scratches from a Car

A snapshot of Car Scratch

One of the worst things about Scratch is that most of us get into our car by our own fault. Sometimes these are the result of the sparring of antisocial elements, sometimes the car hit while removing your car from the parking lot. However, the scratch in the car is something that sticks around the neck. And once you know where the car is scratched, then you avoid seeing that place with your eyes.

Many of us take the car to a workshop, where we often have to lose much money to remove the scratches in the car. But if you are told an alternative and cheaper way to remove scratches in the car, then you will definitely like it. It can be tried by ourselves and very easily.

All you have to do is to buy a good quality scratch removal kit which usually has a solution and a buffing pad. There are many brands of buffing pads in the market such as 3M, Meguiars. Let us know how easily you can remove the scratch in your car.

  • Clean the surface

It is very important to clean dust or grime on the surface of scratches on the car. The easiest way to do this is to first clean the surface with a damp cloth, then apply some soap solution, and wash it off. Dry the scratched area using a micro-fiber cloth before applying the removal solution.

  • To know the correct amount of Remover

Pour the solution as much as the coin size on the buffing pad and spread it on the pad. This should be enough to remove the entire scratch in most cases.

  • How to install

Rotate the remover with little force on the scratched area. To remove the scratch, apply remover properly on the scratched area, rub them up and down. This may take a few minutes, so be patient. Take more remover as needed.

  • Remove residue

After applying the remover solution to the scratch site, remove the excess remover from the area around the scratch with a clean and dry micro-fiber cloth. The remover solution should not be left to dry elsewhere in the car body except in the place of scratches.

  • Repeat the Process again

It is likely that you have to repeat this process two to three times. This is completely affected by the depth of the scratch and the remover solution you used. Therefore, be patient, especially if you want the scratches to almost disappear.


If the car gets scratched, it is as if the car owner dies. Scratch on the car is like a blot which greatly affects the beauty of the car. If the scratches on the car are deep, it can cause rust in the car’s metal sheet..

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