Important lessons

5 Lessons Learnt from the Corona Virus tragedy will always be remembered

Important Lessons Corona Virus Gave

Corona virus has taught many big lessons to human civilization. However from time to time nature and scientists were issuing warnings to us. But we were ignoring them, but Corona Virus forced us to heed those warnings. These are the 5 important lessons:

1.Spending on Health Service is most important

The crisis arising from the corona virus has made us understand very well what is the importance of doctors and health facilities.

Today the entire human civilization is relying on the hope of doctors or health workers. If they had not been there today, we would have been waiting for our deaths for sure, it doesn’t matter how rich we are.

Common people have come to understand that a doctor is more important than a player or actor. They are the real life hero.

Not only this, governments and policymakers around the world have also received the lesson that they will have to spend more and more money on health services.

Generally, countries in the world skimp on spending on health services. This is the reason that America is 18 percent of its GDP, Brazil about 8.3 percent, Russia 7.1 percent, South Africa about 8.8 percent, China 6 percent, Malaysia 4.2 percent, Thailand 4.1 percent, Philippines 4.7 percent, Indonesia 2.8, Nigeria 3.7 Sri Lanka 3.5 And Pakistan spends 2.6 percent on health services.

At the same time, India spends only 1.15 percent of its GDP on its health.

But now the world has got a lesson. After the crisis arising from the corona virus, every country in the world will have to increase spending on its health system.

Corona Virus

2. Atomic Bombs and missiles are not a guarantee of our safety

The size of the corona virus is 2000 (two thousand) times smaller than a point of the pen. But it is more dangerous than big intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) and heavy nuclear weapons (Nuclear Weapons).

For many decades before the Corona tragedy, there was a competition to collect missiles and nuclear weapons stockpiles all over the world.

The result of this competition is that 14465 (fourteen thousand four hundred and sixty-five) nuclear weapons have been gathered in the whole world. Of this, 3750 (three thousand seven hundred and fifty) nuclear weapons are in active mode continuously. That is, they can be fired in a few moments

Due to these nuclear weapons, the whole world can be destroyed 21 times.

Of this, Russia has 6850, America has 6450, France has 300, China has 280, Britain has 215, Pakistan has 150, India has 140, Israel has 80 and North Korea has 20 nuclear weapons. .

 At the same time, the number of missiles is also in millions, which can strike anywhere in the world. But all these huge weapons have failed in front of that subtle corona virus. If Corona destroyed the human population of the entire world, then all these destructive weapons would become junk.

3. Billions and Trillions of funds wasted to improve the Environment.

Thousands of crores of funds are exchanged all over the world in the name of curbing carbon emissions and saving the environment. The world is divided into two developed and developing camps. Both keep accusing each other of causing pollution in the world.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), an organ of the United Nations, was established in 1992 with the aim of protecting the environment.

The ‘Kyoto Protocol’ was formulated in December 1997 to reduce carbon emissions. 192 countries of the world agreed to it. But the result was zero. Pollution on the earth kept increasing.

Trillions of rupees have been spent in the name of saving the environment. But no result was seen. But the corona virus taught a lesson to a teeny. The rivers began to clear, the ozone layer of the earth was corrected, the air quality was corrected, the wild animals started wandering fearlessly, the underground water sources became clean. Many such changes were seen.

The corona virus has proved that if humans tighten their activities and stop destroying nature in the name of perceived development, then nature itself will groom. For this, there is no need to fight..

The Corona crisis proved that nature is paramount in this world. Man is only in the role of destroyer. He is in dire need of making changes in his lifestyle and making him a natural observer.

4. The leadership of any country determines its future

In Corona crisis, the whole world is on the verge of destruction. But there are some countries like India, Germany, which have saved themselves on a level even under very difficult circumstances.

German Chancellor ‘Angela Merkel’ immediately understood that corona was an epidemic, not a disease. On his orders, tracking of Corona affected people started. Tracking has been a major contributor in preventing the mortality of corona infection in Germany.

This is the reason why the corona-death rate in Germany is just 1.4 percent. While in its neighboring country Italy, the corona-death rate was seen at 12%, Spain, France and Britain 10%, China 4% and America 2.5%.

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, took such precise decisions during the Corona crisis that his name will be recorded in history for this. As soon as the Corona tragedy started, he immediately took a decision without any pressure and declared a lockdown in the whole country. While under pressure from the industry, big countries like US, UK, China delayed taking the decision of lockdown.

Even a bankrupt country like Pakistan, under pressure from a few industrialists, did not decide the lockdown. At the same time, PM Modi bypassing political and industrial pressures, first took the decision of Janata curfew and then lockdown. In this, the people of the country also fully supported their Prime Minister.

Otherwise, if the corona virus spreads in a densely populated country like India, the soul is shaken by thinking what would have happened. For example, you can see the condition of superpower countries like Italy, Spain and America suffering from this pandemic.

5. Permanent treatment of fundamentalists is necessary

Another important lesson of the Corona virus is that people of religious fundamentalism and conservative thinking are a big threat to the world. In a country like India, the people of the Tabligi Jamaat blindly trusting their 1400 years of archaic education turned into living corona bombs and put the whole country in danger.

According to the Ministry of Health, in our country, about 30% of the patients infected with the corona virus belong to the tabligi group. Not only this, these people are trying to make the sensible people fall prey to the corona virus due to their radical religious beliefs.


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