“Sittong” a beautiful place in North Bengal

Orange garden in Sittong

The pleasure of going to a cold place during winter is absolutely different. So,today I am going to tell you about a place where you will get orange as soon as you will raise your hand additionally you will get to see free Kanchenjunga from this place. Let’s start the article about the place in … Read more “Sittong” a beautiful place in North Bengal

Top 11 Tourist Places in Kerala

Munnar beauty of Kerala

Kerala’s captivating beauty, backwater and lagoon attract more than ten million tourists every year. Along with it, this state is full of coconuts and elephants offers a rich biodiversity as well as cultural heritage. Kerala is considered to be the best city in India and it is nothing short of a paradise especially for a … Read more Top 11 Tourist Places in Kerala

What is GARUD Portal

Full Form The full form of GARUD is ‘Government Authorization for Relief Using Drones’. Introduction The Ministry of Civil Aviation has launched the GARUD portal in collaboration with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The GARUD portal will assist state entities in obtaining permission from the central government to operate drones for the purposes … Read more What is GARUD Portal

How to earn more money from PPF

Public Provident Fund

Whenever we talk to a financial planner about safe and secure Investment, he says open a PPF account. If you seek advice from an experienced man, he says PPF Scheme is the most reliable. Tax consultant also says that it leads to better tax saving. But if this scheme is so good then why its … Read more How to earn more money from PPF

Nissan Magnite: The upcoming Cheap SUV


Nissan is launching its upcoming cheap price car in the section of SUV which is named as “Magnite”. The company will also include connectivity features in Nissan Magnite. Apart from this, it will be offered in the market with both natural aspirated and turbocharged engine options. Its natural aspirated engine has been used by the … Read more Nissan Magnite: The upcoming Cheap SUV

New app launched by Facebook


Facebook Messenger Kids app launched in India now parents will be able to keep an eye on children’s account. Facebook Messenger Kids Account Facebook launched Facebook Messenger Kids app for children. Parents will get more control of this feature. This app has been launched over 70 countries including India. Many new features have been given … Read more New app launched by Facebook

Rabindranath Tagore Biography

Rabindranath Tagore

As you know today i.e 25th Baisakha(Bengali Calender) is the birthday for ‘Kabi Guru Rabindranath Thakur’. So, why not telling you guys about his biography. Let’s start. He was a symbol of Indian culture. He was a poet, philosopher, musician, writer and educationist. Rabindranath Tagore was the first Asian to become Nobel laureate. He won … Read more Rabindranath Tagore Biography


Android Logo

You need no introduction about what Android is? Android Phone is available in almost each home in India today. Android has become a very common and important mobile platform in the whole world by improving itself in short span of time. By the way, many will know about what is Android and what are its … Read more ANDROID: ITS HISTORY AND FEATURES

How to Know Account Balance in SBI within few Minutes

State Bank Of India

In this post, we will know how to check the balance of SBI Account. Earlier, you have to go to the bank to know the amount deposited in your account, but now you can do this work from your mobile sitting at your home. Although even today most people prefer to go to the branch … Read more How to Know Account Balance in SBI within few Minutes